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Advertising a Logo, Banner, or "Premium Listing" in the Canadian Search Engine.

Logos and Banners can be created by our design team, if you already have a banner created you can simply email it to us.
To use your own logo, similar in sizes above, on the right (115 pixels by 115 pixels), the fee for that size is $399 Canadian Funds Per year plus any applicable HST. To use a full banner like the one up above on this page, 90 pixels x 550 pixels approximately,the price is $499 Canadian Funds per year. We can design you a banner or logo for your company for a small fee, the price varies $40 and up for logos, and $60 and up for banners, pending if you want animation the cost can be more. Your banner will rotate under all of the directories in Canada randomly, showing your banner to many viewers.

Premium listings are 299$ per year, you would be listed at the TOP section of your category, with a small logo in the listing as well as small thumbnails of your products or advertisements and extra search text in the "More Information" section of your listing. Being listed at the top of your category means more clicks. The lists of sites in the directories are listed in alphabetical order, with a premium listing you appear at the top section, being viewed first to the public. Having a small company logo and photos within your listing, generally draws more attention within the directory.

Click here for a demonstration of a "Premium Listing" for website, you can add images, more text which is searched, product names, embed your own video, maps, and more! Do you want more visitors to your website? We can help you get you accomplish this with a variety of methods. Drawing more visitors to your website has many advantages, more sales of your services or products, as well as bringing more customers to your physical location. Having nice banners or logos in our directory works good, we are not in the business of forcing users to have to click banners, only if they are interested in the services advertised on it. It's a clean way to advertise with more relevant results.

Simply call Canadian Web Solutions if you are concerned about your online presence, your search engine ranks, and drawing more visitors to your website. Our expertise is working with search engines.

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